At this level you can underwrite several educational children’s activities: free Kabuki face painting, Asian calligraphy practice, Origami practice and traditional Kamishibai storytelling.



Your samurai sponsorship will help to cover the cost of the performance stage, audio equipment, insurance and other necessary safety equipment and supplies. Samurais will receive a 9″ x 10″ original signed Mario Uribe shikishi card and a Matsuri t-shirt.



This level of sponsorship will help to create a tea garden where people can be guests at a traditional tea ceremony and enjoy a sweet and a bowl of tea.  A narrator will offer a detailed description of the procedure and its meaning.  As Daimyo, you will receive an original signed and numbered limited edition Mario Uribe serigraph and a Matsuri t-shirt and cap.



Shogun sponsorships will help to cover the cost for an intimate performance or concert of a traditional art at the Church of One Tree.  Shoguns will receive an original, signed and ready to hang Mario Uribe mixed media collage, a signed poster, Matsuri T-shirt and cap.



As a Zen Master you make it possible for us to bring traditional Japanese performers from Japan to Sonoma County to participate in our festival.   As a Zen Master, you will receive an original Zen painting by Mario Uribe, a poster, t-shirt and cap and be a special guest (two people) at a private Japanese tea ceremony at Mario & Liz Uribe’s tearoom.

* * * * * * * * * * *

As a Matsuri Sponsor (at all levels),  your name or logo will appear in all of our promotional materials (posters, cards, banners, programs, etc.)

For more information or to become a sponsor, please call Mario Uribe at 707-303-5925